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GPS Installation Service & Project Management

GPS Tracking & Aftermarket Mobile Electronics Installations

One call to conveniently coordinates mobile installation services to fleets, cars, trucks and equipment. We project manage the installation process and partner with the right mobile installer based on your installation needs.


  • Project management and coordination from 1 to 5,000+ vehicles
  • 12+ years national installation project management
  • All workmanship is warranted by installers
  • Easy and convenient for fleet operators
  • National network of mobile installation professionals
  • GPS tracking systems, Sirius/XM® satellite radio, LoJack®, Viper® car alarms, Crutchfield®, backup cameras & sensors, car stereo, emergency service lights, custom car audio, radar detectors, dash cams, etc.
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"Rob was very knowledgeable [and] also very friendly. I would use this company again!"
-Barton H.

Trusted Installation Services

All workmanship is guaranteed. After each installation project we conduct a quality assurance call to confirm your satisfaction. will coordinate the details but you still work with the mobile installer onsite to build a relationship. We ask the right questions, make the phone calls, send the work orders and ensure the details are handled. We often resolve issues before they become issues in the field driving up your cost.

Vehicle installer reaching for the inner workings. provides…

  • …less downtime for the customer.
  • …convenient and reliable installation service.
  • …fast, consistent and quality installations.
  • …manpower, experience, and efficiency.

Questions to Ask an Installation Partner

  • Is the installer insured?
  • All reputable installers are properly insured to protect their companies and customers.
  • Does the installer have a licensed business?
  • All reputable installers have formed a legal company.
  • Does the installer have a presence in your area?
  • A local installer is a good idea for follow-on service. With nationwide deployments this is not always possible so a national installer network will provide the resources.
  • Does the installer have experience with the device you need installed?
  • GPS installers may not know how to install car stereos or be really good at it. Car stereo installation can be tricky in expensive cars.
  • Does the installation technician have experience working on your type vehicle?
  • Not all 24v (equipment) installers are good with 12v (vehicles).
  • Has the installer been successful in the industry indicated by years of experience and thousands of units installed?
  • Large installation projects take time, money and skills not generally available to local or small installation providers.
  • Do the installers have an industry MECP standard certification?
  • MECP certification indicates a higher level of education which may be important for complicated installations.
  • Does the installation company have the financial resources to deal with issues or will they disappear if something goes wrong?
  • Financial strength indicates success and quality management.

Vehicle Installers assists GPS tracking installers and mobile electronic installers work toward fleet management.